Where Grace Abounds

“Christianity now is in crisis, and a large part because people have marketed it as a religion of good people getting better, when in fact it is a religion of bad people coping with their failure to be good.”

The Mockingbird Devotional

“ We are all burdened by the ugly things we’ve done and continue to do…”

Nadia Bolts-Weber, Accidental Saints.

A person gets the sense from these two quotes that Christianity is more than a self-improvement course with a religious theme to it. In a recent discussion about these two quotes the idea was floated that we were all born perfect or perfectly good.  Not a bad thought if we are looking as humanity being either  basically good or not so good. I would say evil, but we have a hard time naming evil nowadays, unless it is some person or people group on the other side of the planet. It is hard to see evil close up because we may actually have a hand in it. Still the idea that we all start out perfect as opposed to evil, sinful, or stained by original sin puts a nice spin on our humanity. Unfortunately, reality quickly tells us that no matter how perfect we may have started our life, it did not stay very perfect very long. Not only have we,”all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God,” to use Paul’s words, we continue to sin and fall short, so when Nadia Bolts-Weber says in her book, Accidental Saints,” I am in perpetual need of grace,”  it rings too true for me, though it is really toss up between the ugly things I have done and the good things I failed to do. I seemed to be guilty on both counts way too often. Which makes me not only in perpetual need of grace, but extremely grateful that grace abounds period. To know that I am still loved and accepted even after the ugly things I have done  and to good things I failed to do, is encouraging to me. It also gives me hope. Hope that maybe, just maybe I will do less ugly things and more good things to others, and someone else who also is in perpetual need of grace, may taste it for themselves.


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