Where Grace Abounds

“Christianity now is in crisis, and a large part because people have marketed it as a religion of good people getting better, when in fact it is a religion of bad people coping with their failure to be good.” The Mockingbird Devotional “ We are all burdened by the ugly things we’ve done and continue … More Where Grace Abounds

When the Right Reading of the Bible is Wrong

“To read the Bible in an authoritarian, unquestioning way is immoral.”   Derek Flood, Disarming Scripture. Pretty strong language for somebody raised with the Bible says it and that settles it perspective on Biblical authority. Phyliss Tickle and others in the emergent church movement, or at least those tracking with it, say that the issue of … More When the Right Reading of the Bible is Wrong

Is the Bible the Ultimate Authority of Faith and Practice?

How can the Bible be the ultimate authority when it presents less than ultimate views of faith and practice? Derek Flood in his ground-breaking book, “Disarming Scripture,” says, “Just as we find in the New Testament a less-than-ultimate-view of slavery, like wise we find in places a less-than-ultimate view of God.” This premise if adopted … More Is the Bible the Ultimate Authority of Faith and Practice?

The Goose Has Flown

Due to time and travel constraints, I barely sampled the Wild Goose Festival this year in Hot Springs North Carolina. I enjoyed the discussions around the campfire of my camping area mates. Got a little tired of the acoustic guitar balladeers on stage. Yes they were good musicians, and yes they had great voices, but … More The Goose Has Flown

Welcome to My World

Thoughts on thoughts, which is what thinking is really about and what thinking together is all about. I see this blog as a place where I explore my thoughts on the thoughts of others particularly in the areas of the Christian faith and practice. Hopefully others will explore my thoughts along with their thoughts so that … More Welcome to My World